Advanced Wellness & Optometry


Dear Colleagues, 

Welcome to this unique opportunity to elevate your practice into "Advanced Wellness."

This site has been specially designed for Optometry to explain the timely opportunity we have as a profession to enhance our practices so we can offer personalized care to our patients. This will enable us to do more to prevent and treat eye disease and chronic illness.  We will be able to help our clients see, look and feel their best.

The site is setup to walk you through key aspects of our offering. I encourage you to watch the thought-provoking and engaging video by Dr. Rozakis and take in the wealth of information on this site.  We have developed a detailed Business Proposal specially made for Optometry for further details. You can read it online or download it as you browse through the site. This is truly an opportunity for every Optometrist!     

Please feel free to call me any time if you have questions.  

- Scott

Scott L. Sedlacek, OD

Director of Optometry xRMD

Founder of Facebook Group: Epigenetic Optometry

Owner of The Eye Place

Cell: 216-534-5386

Email:  [email protected]

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